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he entered the game in the eighth

Posted by tvenusa 
he entered the game in the eighth
October 12, 2021 09:20PM
he entered the game in the eighthJonathan Rees and his partner Sid Fillery, a former police officer, were also under suspicion for the murder of a private investigator named Daniel Morgan. The MPS undertook an investigation of Rees, entitled Operation Nigeria, and tapped his telephone. Substantial evidence was accumulated that Rees was purchasing information from improper sources and that, amongst others, Alex Marunchak of the News of the World was paying him up to 150,000 a year for doing so.[13] Jonathan Rees reportedly bought information from former and serving police officers, Customs officers, a VAT inspector, bank employees, burglars, and from blaggers who would telephone the Inland Revenue, the DVLA, banks and phone companies, and deceive them into releasing confidential information.[11] Rees then sold the information to the News of the World, the Daily Mirror, the Sunday Mirror and the Sunday Times.[14].

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