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giving them 25 carries a game in less than 1

Posted by hodoors 
giving them 25 carries a game in less than 1
October 08, 2021 11:59AM
giving them 25 carries a game in less than 1Discard decks are a type of combo decks. You need a damage source (Tingsha, Wraith form, Thousand cuts, Panache, Letter opener), cards that do stuff when discarded (Tactician, Reflex), and cards that discard (Tools of the trade, Prepared, Acrobatics, Dagger throw, Survivor), sprinkle with some additional synergetic relics (mana relics except Velvet choker, Tough bandages, Calipers etc). Add the usual Silent generic good cards package (all the Backflips, a second source of weak, Adrenalines, Footworks, Well laid plans, Escape plans, a copy of Terror and Malaise to deal with the bosses, maybe Blurs, maybe a Dagger spray to deal with the Byrds, maybe Noxious fumes for the artifact stripping and damage).
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