he finished the year in the top 10 among tes in targets
April 12, 2022 07:42AM
he finished the year in the top 10 among tes in targetsThere are all kinds of problems with judging quarterbacks after a limited number of pass attempts. You don't get much insight into their ability to avoid injuries. You don't get to see how opposing defenses adjust to them over the course of an offseason or how they improve on the weaker elements of their game from the previous year.Uncle Snoop offers encouragement: Jon Gruden may have taken the Bucs to a Super Bowl, but Snoop Dogg takes the cake. Rookie running back Jeremy McNichols got a FaceTime call from the rapper, who happens to have been his youth football coach. McNichols is coming off a shoulder injury and Uncle Snoop offers him encouragement, believing it's just a matter of time before the McWeapon breaks into the rotation.
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