he may not be the sexiest name on this list
October 05, 2021 10:21PM
he may not be the sexiest name on this list3. Zack GreinkeSources are guaranteeing that he will opt out of his contract, much asAlex Rodriguez and CC Sabathia have in the past, and each got even more money. Greinke had a historic 2015 season; he will either win the NL Cy Young or finish a close second to Arrieta.On the other hand, it's kind of surprising that the Jaguars haven't given Fitzpatrick a call yet because that seems like it would solve almost all of their problems. Speaking of the Jaguars, apparently fans in Jacksonville got so used to watching them lose over the past few years that they've stopped showing up now that the team is winning. Jacksonville is apparently the one city that hates winners..
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