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haley s scheme caters to this

Posted by jenylans 
haley s scheme caters to this
September 17, 2021 08:38PM
haley's scheme caters to thisThank you and your brother for letting loose such hilarity upon the world!Here my question(s): I always been curious about the level of involvement from your actors in the scriptwriting process because many lines and moments in your films seem tailor made for the specific actors that play them out. In the case of Dumb and Dumber and its upcoming sequel, what role did Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels play in the scriptwriting process? At what point do you bring them aboard and get their input and output? How malleable is the script when they get involved? Have you ever radically changed something in the script to suit the actor? If I asking too many questions, feel free to pick and choose as you like!Thanks for the kind words, Max. And yes, you are asking a lot of questions.
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