four of those picks came in the all important two minute drill
May 10, 2020 02:10AM
four of those picks came in the all important two minute drillFebruary 21, 2012: dust mask Jeong Soo Paek burst into a spa his family owned in Norcross, near Atlanta, Ga. He killed four relatives before turning the n99 mask gun on himself, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported at the time. Police speculated that financial problems motivated the shooting.Over the next couple of months both parties engaged in unsuccessful (out of court) financial negotiations, with Chandler and his legal team asking for $20 million, or the issue would be taken to criminal court.[6] Jackson declined the offer, saying, No way in Hell. A few weeks later, Jackson's legal team gave a counter offer to the value of $1 million, which was declined by Chandler.[6] Pellicano said he made the offers he said in an attempt to catch the Chandler's negotiating and tape recorded one of the telephone calls to Rothman to demonstrate this.[21] The father then lowered his request to $15 million; Jackson rejected this and lowered his original counter offer to $350,000. With both sides unable to reach an agreement, Chandler decided he would take it to court.[6][22] Chandler then took his son to see a psychiatrist called Dr.
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