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Tips for Making Use of Leftover Cannabis Packaging

Posted by ikayla2019 
Tips for Making Use of Leftover Cannabis Packaging
July 07, 2019 07:38PM
If you can’t return or recycle your cannabis packaging containers, your best bet is to repurpose some of them. They’re great for organizing small, loose items. Paperclips and thumbtacks, loose change, screws, or crafting supplies fit great into pop tops. If large enough, pop tops also make great joint or blunt holders for keeping your rolled cannabis safe on-the-go!

Still, there’s only so many paperclips one can own, and weed runs out a lot faster than thumbtacks, which means you’re probably stuck throwing away at least some of your containers, which will either end up in a landfill or the ocean. american glass bongs

The Impact of Waste Created by the Cannabis Industry

So what can be done about the cannabis packaging issue? The first thing you can do is either write up an email or pick up your phone and call your state’s cannabis authority (ex. The Marijuana Enforcement Division in Colorado). One of the main reasons there is so much packaging associated with legal cannabis is the copious amount of rules that surround how a marijuana product can be sold. us bongs for sale

As cannabis consumers of a certain age may remember, packaging used to be pretty simple, and it remains so for those in non-legalized states. Usually, it was a zip lock sandwich baggie (or a cigarette pack’s plastic cover for some of us). Then, legalization happened. For the countless social, economic, and medical benefits that each state has experienced by ending cannabis prohibition, they’ve had to accept the government oversight that comes with it. Sometimes necessary, sometimes overzealous, regulations have transformed the way marijuana is sold. One of the biggest (negative) environmental impacts of cannabis regulation has been in packaging.

Mandated child-proof, tamper-proof containers have been required for medications since the Nixon Administration and no one is arguing that it’s a bad thing. Children have a way of getting into places, and children still go to the hospital every year for accidentally ingesting marijuana products that careless parents left out or didn’t hide well enough. Usually, the worst symptom is dizziness or an upset stomach. However, the unexpected by-product of these safety measures has been an upswing in plastic waste comparable to shopping bags and water bottles. beaker glass bong

Besides childproofing, there’s a ballooning amount of information required on cannabis packages. Just a container of weed alone needs to include such information as its weight, ingredients, basic cannabinoid profile, harvest batch, and warnings that the marijuana you are about to consume may have marijuana-like effects. Regulations vary from state to state, and country to country, but by some estimates the grams of plastic used to sell a gram of weed can be anywhere from 4 to 70 grams, including the foil, cardboard, wrap, and other packaging.

To sum it all up, recycling your packaging is important and can be pretty easy to do with a little bit of internet research. There are plenty of options as long as you make sure to clean out your containers. However, not all packaging is recyclable everywhere and a lot of if still ends up either as litter or in landfills. It’s important to contact your local representatives and officials to get them to reduce the amount of packaging used in the first place. It’s time the cannabis industry starts focusing on the planet, not just the plants.
Re: Tips for Making Use of Leftover Cannabis Packaging
July 28, 2019 10:13AM
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