geathers was inactive the next three weeks
March 04, 2022 09:23PM
geathers was inactive the next three weeksTalking bout he on vacation girl why u ain't take him on vacation why other Derrick Henry jersey ppl gotta do that. U suldnt of had no kid for sure and I see why u ain't trapped no men to have another one cus u no u don't want to be a mama and granny ain't gone ge that one so u wuld b stuck w to be in accordance with it lol girl grow up! Get a job and take care of ur son. Stop being available to these men when they want u! Then when they leave u, u left w nothing! Get ur own paper boo, cus ur lil ig boutique ain't doing it, half stuff marked down cus nobody buying the shit u he is second to antonio gates on the chargers in times targeted

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