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December 15, 2021 12:55AM
he definitely has some deep sleeper potential in some fantasy leaguesTB: Yeah, they definitely have good matchups out there, so I think they have a lot of confidence in them. And those players have done a great job when the coach has asked them, Alright, you've got this guy, and you're going to match him and shadow him. They definitely do a good job of that. It was a little disappointing to see from my study that they were playing as well as they were, but that's part of it.Opinion has obviously changed. Becker is still a wonderful economist (and keeps a great blog, with Richard Posner) who was also a mentor of Steve Levitt, and one of the big reasons Levitt settled at the Univ. Of Chicago. With Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse and Lockett back in the mix, Richardson is going to reap the benefits when he's out on the field, because defenses will game plan for the two or three receivers ahead of him. Not to mention, Russell Wilson is one of the best at creating something out of nothing. This offense is about to improve immensely from a year ago..
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