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just their biggest cutthroat

Posted by goodwood 
just their biggest cutthroat
January 01, 2020 08:09AM
See a wave soldier of acquainting with the material not to will be hurtled to spread, what Wu Qi Wen led 11 independence armor the regiment put into from the rear loins of T 34/57 regiments.Compare with the Poland armored force hurriedly going to battle, 11 independence regiments although the set sets up a night,the weapon function in the opponent wants to acquaint with than them, so soon match to round to the Su the soldier tank regiment formation.
Under flaming red setting sun, with the database Er add Sen for in 300 square kilometer plains of center, total 1676 steel fierce beastses to catch to fight, the shell of various caliber madly rushes out gun muzzle, explosion and fireball continuous don't cut off this that Fu.Most miserably of is those soldier infantry of Sus who lose a tank protection, continuously be outflanked and attacked to exterminate, make them become to live target because of the tank.Particularly is a Zhuo any issues order an even fury for shooting Gao Pao Ying, under the sistuation that the air force always controls to make to get empty power, 35 millimeters of chain types of 64 every minutes 230 hairs Gao Pao, absolutely became to make track for the infantry jinx of the soul of life Duo, not only die the infantry under the gun muzzle count extremely number, even can not hold up against the armoured vehicles of Su's soldier this kind of crary thermodynamic power.
Front drive grow crazy of Ao virtuous Jin Si radicle major general with 11 independence armor regiment block up, back is three livelong armor regiments, and surrounds since then of seven infantry regiments and Kazakhstan independently ride soldier's teacher, the man of Ba La Nuo by night thoroughly lose the control to the troops.Su's soldier of fleeing elsewhere is panic don't choose road, a lot of tanks and soldier panic don't choose road to fall to river to drown.However, this not just their biggest cutthroat, wholesale plantation shutters really cold-blooded is two Poland armors regiment!These go crazy of Poland tank the soldier completely take no cognizance any action of surrendering, after destroying tank directly make track for Soviets infantry Nian to press with several ten tons of steels, an end still a Zhuo any stops just unwillingly accept a hand.
Post-war statistics, drive Zhuo any thinks that Su's soldier that be up to 80,000 in fact and totally only has a 46,000 term, 5,000 among those people are drowned while escaping, 15,000 people drive wave the soldier livings to kill and also has more than 3200 persons the disappearance.Can the man parties make trouble to copy fifth the tank soldier and three infantry divisions, the tank being directly destroyed reaches to 574 more, only have 5 BT7s and don't arrive 2,000 infantries to take advantage o to escape indiscriminately, in two days just remit to match can the main force of man.
But establish future through this war the Zhuo of star throne any, only pay 77 tanks and 22 half tracks the armoured vehicle be ruined, among them only Ao the tank regiment of the virtuous Jin Si radicle major general have 37, there is also the slight price to total 3300 people to die or injure.
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