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countdown to the bell of life

Posted by ylq 
countdown to the bell of life
December 25, 2019 03:22AM
Death is a philosophical proposition. It can even be said that the entire philosophical system is built on the bones of death. When I was young, I saw a coffin on a TV show. I asked my adult what was in this box? They said they were pretending to be dead. At that time, I couldn't understand death. I just felt that it was very dark. If I was lying alone, I would be scared, and I would not be able to bear it ... So I, for the first time, was surprised and worried about death. The author of this essay also thought about it Marlboro Cigarettes, and she also gave a speech as a topic: At the beginning of the speech, the author did a poll and asked the college students present if they were interested in the topic of death. As a result, I was stunned sitting in front of the book, and even more than half of the students raised their hands. I understand that many people have thought about this problem seriously, and are just as curious and fearful about death as I am. Later, the author also asked everyone to do an activity-write their own epitaph. Later, the author was very sorry-because of this ominous topic, the young people who were young and graceful were getting older in advance. "I'm not a shooting star." "Here is a woman who rests here. She ended her life's wish and went away Marlboro Lights. Another world, but here is eternal life. Her life is a happy life, a happy life is also a life of contribution. "" Life is the beginning of death, death is the continuation of life. If I die after 50 years old, I will Loyalty and filial piety. Dedication to the motherland and filial piety to my parents Newport 100S. If I die five years later, I will fight for my ideals. If I die five months later, I will treat my loved ones and friends with the most selfless love, If I die in five days, I will relive my sweet and bitter life. If I die in five seconds, I will bless everyone around me. "How? Great, isn't it? But who would have thought this was the perception of a group of young people. Some people say that the countdown to the bell of life has begun since each of us was born. In the face of such a cruel reality that there is a limit in our lives, whether it is old or young, we must face its demanding. Some people also say that life is an existence towards death. When we praise the beauty of life and the vitality of youth, we are actually affirming the inevitability of death and the rationality of old age. Regardless, please carefully plan your life. The time of life is set to be longer and longer, and the life is more calm. Facing the limit of death, I render my life magnificent and colorful.
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