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Product homogeneity serious

Posted by yoyocrusher 
Product homogeneity serious
June 27, 2017 02:45AM
Former chairman of Shenyang Machine Tool Chen Huiren once said, "corporate strategy convergence led to serious product homogeneity, is caused by structural contradictions in the machine tool industry one of the main reasons." Data show that a few years ago the domestic general machine and major Ultrafine Mill production and sales fell to the peak of the lowest three or even two into. And with the user in order to improve production efficiency and product quality, began to pursue intelligent and personalized, the machine tool "machine machine" needs to upgrade to automation sets, customization and universal shift upgrade . This makes the low-end surplus and high-end structural contradictions, the rapid upgrading of the domestic market demand structure and the machine tool industry can not meet and meet the contradiction between this demand, become the key to the healthy development of the machine tool industry, Crack the important issue.

To break the stalemate of product homogeneity, we need to accelerate the reform of science and technology system to promote high-tech, high value-added industry development. For the machine tool industry, CNC system innovation and research and development is undoubtedly the first part. In recent years, in the country continued to support a number of major science and technology special implementation of the background, China's high-end CNC machine tool technology research has made a breakthrough, a number of companies developed their own numerical control system. Huazhong 8 CNC system, Guangzhou CNC system through all the 633 standard on the standard measurement items; Shenyang Machine Tool i5 intelligent machine has also been fully on the market, widely acclaimed by consumer electronics companies.

Wukong cycling failure, not only for the sharing of bicycle areas sounded the alarm, but also for the development of machine tool business lights yellow. Such as Shenyang Machine Tool, Baoji Machine Tool, Dalian Machine Tool and so on a number of domestic enterprises are now also have to upgrade and upgrade, and constantly develop high-end machine tools. The author believes that although the machine tool market is gradually pick up, but the machine tool business in the wave of the times still need to innovate, cleave waves; although "Wukong cycling" fell in the "learn" on the road, but the domestic machine "learn from the road" is still far not end yet.
Re: Product homogeneity serious
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