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Student detained after stabbing classmate in back at SF middle school

Posted by pysong 
Student detained after stabbing classmate in back at SF middle school
March 21, 2023 01:50AM
Student detained after stabbing classmate in back at SF middle school

San Francisco police confirmed detaining a juvenile at Francisco Middle School on the 2100 block of Powell Street in the North Beach area after a student stabbing was reported just before 1 p.m.To get more news about middle school, you can visit wikifx.com official website.

Officers say a 12-year-old student victim was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The student was stabbed in the back at the school library with a kitchen knife after an altercation over a video game according to sources.The school was on a brief lockout but administrators say there is no immediate threat to students' safety.
A number of parents were seen picking up their children early but many finished out the remainder of lunch and afternoon classes.

Laura Dudnick, a San Francisco Unified School District spokesperson, said all proper protocols were taken after the stabbing. She said there is no active threat at Francisco Middle School this afternoon.

ABC7 News asked Dudnick what other measures were in place to keep kids safe.

"Francisco Middle School and all of our middle schools have many wellness supports available for students, so we know that coming out of the pandemic this has been a very difficult time for students and schools are working to build their communities," Dudnick said.

The threat comes a day after a lockout was ordered at the school after they say they received concerning phone calls over the possibility of an external threat.
Police finished searching the building and deemed the threat to be noncredible. People were then allowed back in the building before noon.
Eighth grader Sophia Follender says the school gathered students into the lunchroom before they were all taken to an area outside the school.
"They're like, 'OK, we need to evacuate the school,'" Follender says.
Garden City police says the threatening call was reported at 8 a.m. a day after three calls were described by officials as "concerning."
A spokesperson for the district would only say to News 12 that the school received a threatening phone call.
Police say the students were not in danger, but parents say the threats are still harmful and disruptive.
"I'm concerned, I'm frustrated because it's kind of the boy who cried wolf," said Amy Escher, who picked up her seventh grader from school during the evacuation.
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