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Digital Door Lock, which brand is good?

Posted by pysong 
Digital Door Lock, which brand is good?
March 20, 2023 10:53PM
Digital Door Lock, which brand is good?

Many people may have forgotten to leave the house key and can’t find it. until having to call a technician to help pick up the knob or break the door to find the entrance to the house But after this life will be easier if you try to switch to Digital Door Lock or digital door lock. using a key card, entering a code, or scanning a finger instead In addition to adding convenience It’s also more secure. For anyone who is thinking of installing a Digital Door Lock, let’s study that. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of door lock? And how to solve the initial problem when the battery runs out, including the Digital Door Lock, which brand is good, how much does it cost, is there any interesting model? To get more news about commercial locks, you can visit securamsys.com official website.
What is Digital Door Lock ?

Digital Door Lock
Digital Door Lock or digital door lock It is an innovation to increase the safety of the home. By bringing in technology to increase convenience instead of using a key, such as unlocking the door with a password. Scanning fingerprints, etc., in addition to preventing thieves from tampering better than general knobs also reduce exposure And can also be installed on many types of doors. Whether it’s a wooden door, iron, aluminum (depending on the features of each digital door lock)
How many types of Digital Door Locks are there?
Digital Door Lock
coding system : There are from 4-12 digits, just press the set number to unlock. without the need for any additional equipment.key card system : by bringing the key card to touch the sensor The system will automatically unlock.

fingerprint scanning system : May be more expensive than other systems But it is a safe system. because it is difficult to counterfeit And some models may be able to record more than 10 fingerprints.

Scanning the face or iris : similar to fingerprint scanning system but is a system to scan the face or iris to unlock instead
However, each digital door lock may have more than 1 system, and in some models that are quite expensive, there may be up to 5 systems in one device. Because other functions and security systems will be added to increase the efficiency of use as well.

How is Digital Door Lock installed and used?

The installation of digital door locks can be divided into 2 main types, which are Mortise Lock and Rim Lock, which each type is different in use as follows:

Mortise Lock Use the installation instead of traditional knobs or handles. Therefore, before installation should measure the original knob gap size. Then use it to compare the size with the Digital Door Lock before buying so that there is no need to drill the door more when bringing it back to install. But installing a digital verse This type is quite complicated. Should have a professional technician to help install it is better. For convenience, safety and beauty

Additional installation type (Rim Lock) It is a floating digital bolt installation. The procedure is not complicated. can be installed by yourself And there is no need to remove the original knob. Digital Door Lock can be installed above the original knob.
Know before installing Digital Door Lock

Doors that are suitable for installing Digital Door Lock : Can be installed on doors of various materials Whether it’s a steel door, aluminum, glass, but if it’s a wooden door. Should have a thickness of 3.5 cm, including the door should have a frame of not less than 10 cm because the size of the lock is 9.5 cm. Can be installed on the old door with a knob or a lever. for sliding doors (Embossed on the door) should have a distance of 7 cm.

If the power goes out, the Digital Door Lock can still be used. : because it does not use electricity But most of them use 4-8 AA batteries with a lifespan of about 1 year.

If the battery at Digital Door Lock runs out, what should I do? : In general, when the battery is almost empty There will be a light symbol or a sound notification sounding continuously. to remind you to change the battery already But if the battery accidentally runs out or did not replace the spare battery We can also use the Digital Door Lock in emergency mode, for example, some doors have a backup key system. Or some models have an emergency power source channel. that we can plug in a new AA battery It can be used normally.
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