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What Are The Best Sex Toys For Men?

Posted by goon2019 
What Are The Best Sex Toys For Men?
December 28, 2022 11:58PM
What Are The Best Sex Toys For Men?
Thanks to changing attitudes, emerging technology has finally been put to good use and male sex toys have hit the mainstream. Engineers and inventors the world over have spent thousands of hours in the lab designing the ultimate in sex gadgetry for your pleasure, and the days of sitting on your digits to make them numb for that realistic hand-job feeling are over.To get more news about Sex Doll, you can visit pinkkittytoys.com official website.

Representing a vast departure from the inflatable sex dolls seen on your classic coastal town stag do, the best male sex toys on the market in 2022 boast minimalistic designs, soft colour palettes and a truckload of smart sex tech. They’re discrete and slick, with high-end packaging to match.
But do you really need all these gizmos to get one off, and what's wrong with a good old fashioned five-knuckle shuffle? From male masturbators to butt plugs and vibrators, keep scrolling for our pick of the best sex toys for men, available to shop now.
Everyone can agree that masturbation is great. But when you bring a male sex toy into the mix magical things can happen, so X-rated accessories should not be sniffed at. 'The benefits of masturbation are well documented, including stress reduction, reduced risk of prostate cancer and help with concentration,' says Adam Lewis, co-founder and sex toy innovator at Hot Octopuss. 'Male sex toys add another dimension to this with benefits such as help with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and prostate stimulation.'

But perhaps most importantly of all, well-chosen sex toys can also have a dramatic impact on your sexual enjoyment. 'It’s important to note the pleasure benefits gained by using a sex toy,' adds Lewis. 'Customers have told us that using a toy prompted conversations about masturbation and sex that would never have happened otherwise. And the right sex toy can give you bigger, better orgasms!'
But with so many gadgets to choose from, what are the best sex toys for men? From male masturbators to dual-function prostate massagers, we’ve selected the best male sex toys below to take your masturbatory pleasure to the next level.

New to anal play? This soft silicone vibrating butt plug has been developed with backdoor newbies in mind. It comes with two speeds and five patterns to get the party started, plus a T-bar base so nothing gets lots in the mist. Make sure you slick it with a generous helping of water-based lube before you get started, and take it slow to avoid any uncomfortable surprises. But the good news is it's currently 50% off in the sale, so you can buy five and rotate them daily.

All good things come from Sweden including IKEA, Spotify, Volvo, natural blondes and cutting edge sex tech. And to prove it, our fave Scandi brand Lelo is busy dominating the luxury sex toy sector, with the most innovative app-controlled bedroom gadgets on the market. We're big fans of the brand's entire range of sex toys for men, but the F1S V2 male masturbator really stands out from the pack (read our full review here). It might look like a coffee canister, but inside this innocuous looking tube hides a wealth of super-soft silicone powered by sonic waves to tantalise your shaft. Simply slip inside and let the internal grooves and dual motors get to work. We love you Sweden. And with 30% off in the sale, strike while the iron is hot.

Two sex toys for the price of one, this vibrating cock ring pairs blood-flow restriction with a versatile vibrator, delivering pleasing sensations along your shaft if you're flying solo and expertly-crafted clitoral stimulation if you're using it with a female friend. It’s powerful without being bulky and provides deep, penetrating vibration to boot. And it's 36% off in the sale.
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