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Easy Chinese News Articles for Beginners and More Advanced Learners

Posted by goon2019 
Easy Chinese News Articles for Beginners and More Advanced Learners
December 20, 2022 11:25PM
Easy Chinese News Articles for Beginners and More Advanced Learners

A lot of Chinese learners find they want to get hold of authentic news content about real-life current events in China by reading easy Chinese news articles. Finding Chinese news articles, particularly for beginners, can prove a bit of a challenge – especially when you are not yet at a level to access native Chinese newspapers. We’re here to help! We have collected some news websites that are adapted to those at the beginning of their Chinese language learning journey.To get more news about chinese alphabet for beginners, you can visit shine news official website.

The key thing with building on our current language level is to read content in the target language at your reading level so that the content is digestible and clear to understand. Knowing if you’re beginner, intermediate, or advanced and your HSK Mandarin level is a great place to start. There are online tests to find out what your Chinese reading level is at this point in your learning journey. Once you have an idea about where you sit on the language level scale, you can dive into reading level-appropriate Chinese news below!
You can access easy Chinese news articles at beginner’s HSK 1 level through The Chairman’s Bao. All articles are written by native speakers within the HSK Chinese reading level criteria and there is always fresh, new and engaging content to read. Up to six new articles are published daily (1,600 news article-based lessons per year!). You can gain access to a vocabulary list with each free sample article to try out the platform and short HSK grammar explanations based on the HSK guidelines.

You also have the choice to save any character that you click on in the dictionary to your personal Learning Hub and test on the flashcard system. The Chairman’s Bao covers topics from panda conservation, to the latest and upcoming technology in China, to food locals eat during Chinese New Year and The Dragonboat Festival. You can access The Chairman’s Bao through both the website and mobile app (tablet/smartphone).

My Chinese Reading offers a great range of beginner-friendly easy Chinese news articles about business/politics, science, history, culture and contemporary issues. There are also extracts of works of Chinese creative writing, short stories and diaglogue extracts.

HSKReading beginner articles are all written by native Chinese speakers and there are a huge variety of easy Chinese beginner’s reading materials. HSKReading is an ideal tool for Mandarin language learners for vocabulary-building, key grammar sentence structure practice and all news articles feature relevant topics about modern day Chinese life and culture.

FluentU is a fantastic resource, full to the brim with news articles targeted at your chosen reading level. It also features native speaker-quality video and transcripts which offer material such as trailers and advertisements from the target county and clips from the country and level-appropriate TV series and films. You can practice listening and repeating dialogue audio, visuals, transcripts, music videos and interviews. We would highly recommend FluentU!

BBC Chinese News offers BBC World Service news in Mandarin with clips for a full immersion experience. You can also access CBeebies (for kids), The Lingo Show for easy Mandarin listening, Primary Mandarin with engaging games and activities to improve your level, as well as a wealth of resources from HSK appropriate news articles. Learn through video lessons, TV transcripts, Chinese tone pronunciation guide and animations for how to write Chinese characters in the correct stroke order.
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