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Quick overview: School door locks and devices

Posted by goon2019 
Quick overview: School door locks and devices
October 20, 2022 10:32PM
Quick overview: School door locks and devices

Having effective school door locks is essential to a school’s safety plan. Not only do they help safeguard students, staff and visitors during emergencies but they also support efforts in deterring theft, anti-social behavior and other illegal activities. This guide will help provide valuable information on the importance of school door lock systems and take you through the various options available to help you secure your school.To get more news about home security solutions, you can visit securamsys.com official website.

Key vs. keyless school security door locks
The National Center for Education Statistics stated that in 2019-20, 97% of schools had some form of a door lock for school safety. Key-operated door locks, as you probably know, require a physical key to obtain access and are common across many settings, including schools, even if they may seem antiquated when compared to keyless school safety door locks. They still offer good levels of security but it can be argued that key-operated locks can prove to be more complex to manage than keyless school security door locks.
With access control hardware and software making huge strides over the past decade or two, there are plenty of viable keyless school safety door locks on the market. Keyless locks remove the need for keys and instead rely on a variety of electronic devices that manage access. These electronic school security door locks have proven to be a worthwhile investment for schools and colleges as they’ve brought benefits such as improved security, an easier experience for users and, over time, a good return on investment. You can take a closer look at each type of key and keyless lock later in this guide as first, this guide will explore school door locks for both interior and exterior use.
Exterior school security door locks
Exterior school access points, those found along the perimeter of a school, see a lot of traffic with a large number of students, staff and visitors entering and exiting the school. As a result, the school safety door locks at exterior access points need to be easy to use and manage, as well as compliant with building and fire codes. Most keyless door locks are compliant and are easy to manage in an emergency. Don’t forget about the use of panic bars, which provide a method of quick evacuation.

Interior school security door locks
When it comes to interior school door locks, you should keep in mind that classroom security locks will be required, as well as locks for staff rooms, offices and other restricted spaces. Door locks for all of these spaces need to be easy to use and manage in emergencies and lockdown situations. For example, teachers should be able to easily control the classroom security lock from the inside. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2019-20, 1 in 4 public schools in the United States lacked classroom doors that can be locked from the inside. This poses a risk to the teacher or staff member who would need to exit the classroom in order to lock the door during an emergency. In addition to having classroom security locks that can be controlled from the inside of the room, first responders need to be unimpeded when accessing such spaces without the right credentials and these door locks also need to adhere to building and fire codes.
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