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third respectively at the 2011 AFC Asian Cup in Qatar.

Posted by misshuana 
third respectively at the 2011 AFC Asian Cup in Qatar.
June 02, 2018 03:24AM
by Hamada al-Hattab Tout Blanche Nike Shox R4 Pas Cher , Omar Othmay

GAZA, Aug. 18 (Xinhua) -- Around 250 Palestinian children from the Gaza Strip participated Wednesday in an exhibition of Palestinian cultural heritage to help preserve the Palestinian national legacy.

The two-day event is organized by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugee in the Near East (UNRWA) in the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Yunis.

Inside an UNRWA school, broad collections of traditional handmade cross-stitched items and pottery works were displayed.

Palestinian cuisine and family-oriented activities characteristic of Palestinian legacy were also showcased.

The uniqueness of the exhibition was that its activities were performed by schoolchildren.

The exhibition design was shaped like a traditional Palestinian village Homme Nike Shox NZ Noir Rouge Pas Cher , conveying to children the background of Palestinian peasants' lives and how peasants use their animals for transportation and cultivation.

Inside a virtual village, a traditional folk wedding was performed by a group of children, showing types of traditional ceremonies that have been dormant for decades Nike Shox NZ Homme Blanche Bleu Pas Cher , featuring folk dances and traditional outfits.

In each exhibition corner children displayed traditional clay items and copper pieces from various areas of Palestine.

"I participated today to show my skills in clay pottery," said 14-year-old Mahmoud Atallah. "I'm really happy and proud to be able to create some pieces now."

Organizers believe that similar heritage events are important in helping the coming generations maintain their Palestinian identity alive, as well as learning more about Palestine.

Event coordinator Rami Abu Saada told Xinhua the aim of the event is to keep the memory of childrens' grandparents and heritage alive with children.

"Actually children were unaware about several old tools that their grandparents used Homme Noir Or Nike Shox NZ Pas Cher ," he said.

Abu Saada said the children learned a lot about their heritage and culture, in addition to items that are no longer in use, such as old kitchen machines.

The event also celebrated the end of the UNRWA's three-week summer games program.

The summer program served over 165 Homme Nike Shox NZ Blanche Or Pas Cher ,000 registered refugee children in the Gaza Strip, which has been under an Israeli blockade since the Islamic Hamas movement seized power over it by force in 2007.

The UNRWA arranges fun weeks and other events as part of its attempts and interventions to help alleviate the psychological effects of the ongoing conflicts and tough living conditions.

In recent years, Israel and Hamas engaged in three major wars Nike Shox Gravity Femme Pas Cher , which claimed thousands of lives, including hundreds of children from Gaza.

The UN believes similar activities can improve the lives of war-traumatized children and help alleviate the nightmares many continue to suffer from.

Yossif Moussa, head of UNRWA's Fun Weeks Program Nike Shox Gravity Homme Pas Cher , told Xinhua that Palestinian children must be treated like all other children.

"This unfair blockade imposed on children must be lifted," Moussa said. "They must have a chance to play safely."

"They must enjoy their right to play, have fun Nike Shox Gravity Pas Cher , sing, learn and dance," he said.

HO CHI MINH CITY, Oct. 15 (Xinhua) -- An explosion occurred at a foreign-invested sodium glutamate plant in Vietnam's southern Dong Nai province on Saturday morning, the provincial Fire Prevention and Fire Department said.

After the explosion at a heat-cooling tower of the plant of Vedan Vietnam Company in Long Thanh District, a fierce fire broke out, sending a plume of black smoke tens of meters into the sky, and making hundreds of workers run out of the plant.

The fire was put under control in one hour, and the accident caused no causalities or injuries.

Local relevant agencies are probing reasons for the explosion and fire, and calculating property losses caused by the incident.

A total of 2,460 fires and explosions broke out across Vietnam in the first nine months of this year, killing 90 people and injuring 216 others, while leaving losses of some 1,058 billion Vietnamese dong (47.4 million U.S. dollars), said the country's Fire Prevention and Fight Department.

NEW DELHI, Nov. 2 (Xinhua) -- Indian police Wednesday detained Nehru-Gandhi scion Rahul Gandhi, who is also the main opposition Congress party's second-in-command, for trying to enter a state-run hospital to meet family members of a retired army man who allegedly committed suicide Tuesday.

The 65-year-old former Indian Army personnel, Ram Kishen Grewal, took his own life on the lawns of a government building in the national capital Tuesday. In a suicide note, he said he did not get the hiked pension promised to him by the central government under its One Rank One Pension scheme.

When Gandhi went to the hospital where autopsy of Grewal's body was carried out, the Delhi Police detained him, along with several senior Congress leaders, bundled into a bus and taken to a police station, accusing the politicians of obstructing hospital work.

Earlier in the day, Delhi's Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia was also detained by the Delhi Police outside the same hospital when he had tried to meet the family members of the dead. He was, however, freed after some time.

Coming under heavy criticism that the central government has been misusing Delhi Police, Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh said, "I don't have anything to say, police will do what it has to for risk reduction."

One Rank One Pension is a long-standing demand of retired Army personnel, which grants them pension parity with officers and soldiers of the same rank. It was one of the pre-poll issue of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.


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