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The 20 Most Beautiful News Women in America

Posted by goon2019 
The 20 Most Beautiful News Women in America
October 13, 2022 03:35AM
The 20 Most Beautiful News Women in America

When it comes time to turn on the television to get caught up on what’s going on in the world, there is no shortage of options. With so many channels and networks to choose from, it can be hard to decide what to watch. So why not tune in to the hottest reporter that’s on the air at that hour? Certainly a beautiful woman delivering the news to you can’t be a bad thing, right?To get more news about 暖暖的国语免费观看, you can visit our official website.

This list shows that CNN by far has the hottest female reporters in the business. Two of the top three are from that network and there is a good reason for it as you’ll see when you read on. But beauty isn’t everything when it comes to reporting. You want someone that is intelligent and knowledgeable about what they are reporting on so you can make good use of the information. But even if they get something wrong, who cares? As long as they look good!

Every single one of these beautiful ladies has a high level of intelligence. That’s how they advanced to this point in their careers. Networks obviously like to have a beautiful woman in front of their cameras, but they want them to also be smart and good at their job. This list has the sexiest news reporters on the air right now but they are also some of the best in the business.
Lynda Kinkade (CNN)
Lynda Kinkaid is a beautiful blonde anchor at CNN that was born in Australia. She has been the anchor of CNN Newsroom since 2015 and she also anchors The World Right Now, Connect to the World and CNN Today.

She got started in broadcasting back in 2002 and she worked with several shows and news outlets in Australia before moving to the United States. She was seen there on Sunrise, NBN Television, Nine Network, Today (Australia), Nightline (Australia), Nine Afternoon News and Nine News Sydney.
Jennifer Gray (CNN)
Jennifer Gray is a stunning blonde that does the weather for CNN. Ok, a meteorologist is not technically a news reporter, but the weather is still news and she is on CNN all the time - and nobody changes the channel when she is on the air. So that counts.
Holly Gregory (Bay News 9)
Holly Gregory is another beautiful blonde that does the weekend news for Bay News 9. During the week, she works out of the Pinellas County newsroom covering all of the events that happen on Florida’s Gulf Coast. If you have something going on in that area worthy of getting news coverage, you hope that Holly will be the one assigned to the job!
Natalie Allen (CNN)
Natalie Allen is a 54-year-old brunette bombshell that has been in the business for over 25 years. Her work on CNN has brought her plenty of attention not only for her intelligence, but for her beauty as well. She is very active on social media and whenever she puts up new bikini photos, men from around the world go crazy.
Sunlen Serfaty (CNN)
One look will let you know why Sunlen Serfaty is on this list. Anytime that she is covering a story you will want to tune in just so you can look at her for a few minutes.
Sara Eisen (CNBC)
Sara Eisen is a smoking hot blonde that works for CNBC. She joined the company in 2013 and worked her way up to a co-anchor position on Squawk on the Street. The 45-year-old went to school at Northwestern University and she has also done work for Bloomberg TV as a financial reporter.
Rosemary Church (CNN)
Rosemary Church is an anchor on CNN International and she works out of the company’s headquarters in Atlanta. She also works on CNN Newsroom and it’s never a waste of time to watch her on the air. It’s hard to believe that this beautiful woman is 53 years old.
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