Beef Up Your Smart Home Security in 5 Easy Steps
October 12, 2022 09:33PM
Beef Up Your Smart Home Security in 5 Easy Steps

If we've learned anything from the last two years during the pandemic, it's how to manage spending a significant chunk of our time at home. At Las Vegas' annual Consumer Electronics Show in January, smart home experts told audiences that while life at home is expected to become more convenient and connected, smart home privacy is also a growing concern.To get more news about security products for home, you can visit official website.

Tech giants like Samsung, Apple, Google, Amazon and other smart device manufacturers are working towards creating a more seamless, intuitive and hyper-personalized connected home environment.
With all of the intimate data you're already pouring into your smart home devices, you'll need to give extra consideration to how you'll protect that data and improve your privacy as your home environment becomes even more connected. As ResMed Chief Medical Officer Dr. Carlos Nunez explained, connected devices pull together disparate pieces of data that seem innocuous, but which can give companies insights into your life that "could potentially be dangerous in the wrong hands."

"It is a brave new world and a lot of it's accelerated by the pandemic. This acceleration of our lives going online and becoming more virtual isn't going to go away," Nunez went on to tell CES audiences, adding that "most consumers… don't even understand the magnitude to which their privacy is essentially gone."At the same time, smart home device manufacturers are pushing to put more devices in your home, with greater interoperability between those connected devices. During Samsung's keynote presentation at the conference in Las Vegas, SmartThings product engineering head Mark Benson said this interoperability aims for a "unified and intelligent home experience."

Katherine Shin, vice president of customer experience at HVAC system manufacturer Trane, said interoperability between connected devices will mean more choices for consumers and that the Home Connectivity Alliance is committed to smart home data security. The HCA is a group of appliance manufacturers including Samsung, Trane and GE, whose mission is to promote safety, security and interoperability within the connected smart home environment.

"Not only are members of the HCA working feverishly to ensure that products run reliably, we're also going to ensure that data that runs through those products is stored in a secure environment," Shin added.

As our homes become smarter and our lives become increasingly connected to the internet, the conversation around privacy and security is gaining steam. Jamie Susskind, tech policy advisor for Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn, of Tennessee, also weighed in on the importance of securing connected devices.

"IoT, while it was like a buzzword back in 2015, you know, now it's the thing that we actually need to be thinking about as far as how do we secure these devices, and how do we do that within the broader ecosystem. And that's, you know, both the government and the private sector's challenge to face it," Susskind said.

Data privacy laws won't do much to protect you from malicious actors, and some leading smart device manufacturers face Congressional scrutiny and lawsuits over their data-collection and security practices. So it's up to you to bolster your security and privacy if you want to make your smart home safer. Here are your must-know tips on how to secure your smart home devices.
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