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This Mother's Day: Upgrade Your LED Downlights

Posted by goon2019 
This Mother's Day: Upgrade Your LED Downlights
September 25, 2022 11:25PM
This Mother's Day: Upgrade Your LED Downlights

Our Topaz Recessed LED Downlight Series offers a clean appearance coupled with simple, housing free installation. Eliminating the need for a J-box or recessed housing, the DLE fixture uses a plenum-rated cable connector to link the downlight module to the remote driver box and then pops into place with its spring loaded retention tabs for a secure fit. The ultra-thin fixture depth and off-board driver allow for a more flexible installation and increased lifetime with improved thermal management. With a micro-switch on the driver housing, this series offers the ability to adjust the CCT to 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K. Simplify your installations using a single fixture that can be adjusted on the fly with Select CCT.Get more news about Led Downlight Dimmable,you can vist our website!
Life at DownlightsDirect.co.uk started a few years before LED downlights even existed. The most popular choice of downlight was the now outlawed 50 watt halogen. During our tenure as an online lighting retailer, we’ve seen many different types of downlight come and go.

Integrated LED downlights are designed around the LED light source and are a light fitting known as a luminaire. Before the arrival of integrated LED downlights, they were made up of two separate components; the downlight housing and the lamp (also known as a light bulb).

Are LED Downlights as Reliable and Long Lasting as They Say?
Throughout our history, we’ve maintained our relationships with premium branded lighting manufacturers such as Aurora, Collingwood, JCC and Philips Lighting. Even these top-quality brands have had problematic versions of downlights.

The most consistent and reliable downlight of all-time is the Halers H2 Pro. This product was a game-changer for integrated LED technology. We’ve experienced the fewest failure rates with this product, its successfully outlasted its 7-year guarantee period and still remains a market leading product.

The least reliable downlights we’ve sold have been the Aurora I9 and possibly the JCC FGLED6. These particular downlights had a few ‘bad batches’ and unusually high failure rates. However, these brands have learned from their mistakes and gone on to develop more reliable products with the Aurora MPRO and JCC V50.

The truth about integrated LED downlights is that some models come and go quite quickly. This can be a problem if you get a failure and need to replace it. If your particular product has been discontinued then the latest version won't fully match the others.
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