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Posted by goon2019 
September 23, 2022 10:56PM

LED lights can produce glare and limit visibility in some cases. However, by selecting the appropriate LED light, this can be considerably decreased and enhanced. That is why we recommend Anti-glare led downlight for your projects.Get more news about Glareless Downlight,you can vist our website!

Because the LED light source is positioned further back within the downlight, anti-glare downlights prevent discomfort from direct eye contact. They’ve grown in popularity in recent years since they have a more modern appearance than traditional downlights. Living rooms, baths, and commercial enterprises such as restaurants, casinos, and celebrations are just a few examples where Anti-glare led downlight are widely in trend.

Both indoors and outdoors, the use of no-glare lighting is highly advised. Their utilisation creates a more holistically enabling atmosphere, boosts human productivity, and reduces the risk of accidents. When it comes to interior lighting, glare control is significantly easier than when it comes to landscape lighting. However, glare from overhead lights is a major source of worry. Glare should be minimised in the design phase for outdoor spaces in particular.
The Glare-less series is ENDO LIGHTING’s flagship downlights. The series focuses on minimizing fixture presence and beautifully illuminating architectural spaces. Immaculately finished electropolished-aluminium cone is glare-free, and exudes class.

The series is also updated with more beam angles and fixture variations than ever before. Using the same basic components across all models, the fixtures offer the same high-percision light control the series is known for. With a wide-range of fixtures to choose from, the Glare-less series offers something for spaces of all shapes and sizes.
1. Deep glare cut angle
40 degree cut angle as a standard.Bigger the cut-off angle, the more the visible glare is reduced GLARE-LESS series come with a 40 degree cut-off angle.
2. Glare-less design and finish
The cone is designed to minimize fixture presence. lare-less series minimizes light reflection on the cone with precise beam control of the inner reflector. The mirror cone is finished using electropolishing, and is more scratch resistant than vapor deposition.
3. Rich line-up of lighting distribution
The beam angle variation has been greatly expanded, including the new 10 degrees super narrow.
The GLARE-LESS series covers Fixed, Adjustable and Wall Washer downlights, with a consistent design and appearance across the range.
4. Option accessories
In order to meet more technical lighting design demands, accessories such as honeycomb louver and diffusion lenses are available.
5. Reduced light leakage
GLARE-LESS series is designed to minimize light leakage. Adjustable has a sliding cover to prevent visibility behind ceiling.
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