The difference between polished tile and glazed tiles
September 21, 2022 10:18PM
The difference between polished tile and glazed tiles

Wear resistance: polishing glaze tile is surface with a glaze, penetration and brightness is better, but the wear resistance is lower than the polished tiles.Get more news about Glazed Polished Porcelain Tile,you can vist our website!

Because the surface of polished tiles is thicker and more wear-resistant, the glazing surface is glazed, and the abrasion resistance is much inferior.

2, Specifications: the size of polished tiles is generally 600 and 800 of the earth tiles are suitable for living rooms, while glazed tiles are generally 600x600mm.

3, Price: glazed tile technology is more complex and colorful than polished tiles, so the price of glazed tiles is much higher than that of polished tiles.

4. Scope of application: polished tiles are suitable for living rooms, balconies, etc. because of their high brightness, high hardness, low water absorption and beautiful appearance.
Generally speaking, the glazed tiles have high water absorption and skid resistance, and are easy to clean and handle. They are suitable for toilets and kitchen areas. In terms of economic benefits, it is more recommended to use polished tiles, which are more affordable and more wearable. It

But now the glaze tiles are also constantly improving their wear resistance, if more attention to the overall home color, the budget is also enough to choose glazed tiles. But no glazed tiles have a high cost performance.
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