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Swiss Lathes CNC Machines

Posted by goon2019 
Swiss Lathes CNC Machines
September 21, 2022 09:57PM
Swiss Lathes CNC Machines

Absolute Machine Tools presents Nexturn Swiss CNC lathes engineered to maximize accuracy and economy in the production machining of complex precision parts. Nexturn swiss lathes include basic guide-bushing-equipped machines with maximum bar capacities from 12mm to 38mm diameter; removable guide-bushing machines from 20mm to 38mm capacity, and non-guide-bushing machines with 26mm to 51mm bar capacity. In addition, Nexturn provides turret-type non-guide-bushing sliding-headstock CNC swiss machines to process 45mm, 56mm and 67mm diameter bars.Get more news about Swiss-type Lathe Machining,you can vist our website!

Most models feature different levels of sophistication and options that enable Swiss CNC machine capabilities to be tailored to fit any budget.

CNC Swiss Lathe Machines
Nexturn Swiss Lathes are available with the Servo Learning Oscillation option. The main purpose of Servo Learning Oscillation is to eliminate long, stringy chips from gathering around the part and cutting tool during the machining process. By constantly changing frequencies through the X, Y, and Z axes combined with interrupting cutting on the part, the chips will break away clean, allowing for continual flawless cutting.

Swiss CNC machines have a small work area, which can make chip ejection a common problem. Chips tend to get entangled around the part or the tool, which can increase cutting resistance, increase cutting heat (causing built-up edges), cause surface damage and scarring, damage the cutting tool, and clog the tool flutes, all of which are undesirable effects.

Applying this feature during the cutting process is how the phrase “Breaking the Chip” was born. The Servo Learning Oscillation feature on Nexturn Swiss CNC lathes is best used on any hard-to-machine materials including aluminum or stainless steel.
What is a Swiss type lathe?
Swiss type lathes are a specialized type of Swiss CNC lathe. Swiss lathes are designed for machining small, complex parts with a high degree of accuracy. They typically have a diameter capacity of less than 20 mm (0.79 in) and can operate at extremely high speeds, making them well suited for machining high precision parts.

Swiss type lathe machines generally have a wider variety of tooling options than other types of CNC lathes, which further enhances their versatility. Swiss type lathes are used in a wide range of industries, including the medical, aerospace, and automotive industries.

What makes a Swiss lathe different?
Swiss type lathe machines are designed for making small, precise parts. The Swiss type lathe is different from a conventional lathe in several ways.

First, Swiss type lathes have a smaller footprint and require less floor space than a conventional lathe. Second, Swiss CNC lathes have a shorter bed length, which allows for more accurate machining of smaller parts. Third, Swiss type lathes are equipped with high-pressure coolant systems that enable the machining of difficult-to-cut materials. Finally, Swiss type lathes are equipped with live tooling, which allows for the machining of complex parts with multiple axes of rotation.

Swiss type lathes offer many advantages over conventional lathes and are an essential tool for any shop that specializes in the machining of small parts.
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