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Facebook live streaming benefits

Posted by goon2019 
Facebook live streaming benefits
September 01, 2022 02:38AM
Facebook live streaming benefits

As a quick refresher, live streaming is the broadcasting of a real-time video to your audience through the Internet. This footage is often authentic and unedited, which appeals to consumers’ desires to get to know the people behind their favorite brands.To get more news about 39bet-casino trực tuyến-sicbo-máy đánh bạc- cờ bạc onl- cờ bạc trực tuyến, you can visit official website.

Because of that, live streaming has become incredibly popular among millennials (which, in turn, makes it an exciting opportunity for marketers). Live streaming has become an increasingly popular method to unveil new products, debut recent initiatives, or cover events in real-time.
Various social media platforms have recognized the opportunity and jumped on the live streaming train. Livestream, an app exclusively to broadcast and watch live events, was founded in 2007 and boasts more than 40 million viewers every month.

Periscope, another live streaming app, was founded in 2014 and acquired by Twitter before the product had even been launched to the public. Facebook Live followed shortly after in April 2016, and Instagram followed shortly after, launching Instagram Live in November 2016.

There’s a reason every social media platform was eager to release its live streaming capability. In recent years, live streaming has soared in popularity. In fact, the market is expected to be worth $70 billion by 2021 – just a short five years since the major social media platforms joined in on the action.

For marketers, Facebook live is a fun and easy way to interact with audiences through video. That’s not its only draw, though. The feature’s in-the-moment nature creates a sense of urgency. Viewers feel like they’re missing out by not watching, which increases engagement. Statistically, live streaming is more appealing to audiences, with 80 percent of people preferring a live video over a traditional blog post.

If you’re ready to incorporate live streaming video into your broader social media marketing strategy, Facebook Live can be a great place to start! In the next section, we’ll hone in on Facebook’s live streaming feature and exactly how you can leverage it.

Live streaming is just one of many ways Facebook allows its users to communicate with an audience and receive feedback. In addition to sharing video footage in real-time, Facebook also lets users create polls to share with their communities.

Creating a Facebook poll is a great way to reach out to your network and gather their thoughts or opinions for free. With a poll, you can ask your network anything and crowdsource a response to your trickiest questions.

If you're interested in making a Facebook poll but aren't sure how, check out our content on how to create a poll on Facebook. This post uses helpful visuals to take you through the process of creating a poll one step at a time.
Facebook Live
Facebook Live is Facebook’s version of a live video streaming service. When it was originally launched in April 2016, it was only available to a select few major brand and celebrity accounts. However, it opened up to the public on iOS and Android on Dec. 8, 2016.

With Facebook Live, users can “live stream” video from their mobile devices or desktops. Like live television, this means that the viewer is watching it as it happens, like a one-way Skype call. If the creator chooses not to save the video to their profile when they’re done streaming, it’s gone as soon as they turn off the camera.
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