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Toxic-Waste Bin

Posted by goon2019 
Toxic-Waste Bin
August 30, 2022 12:31AM
Toxic-Waste Bin

The Toxic-Waste Bin is cylindrical with a handle on each side, and made of yellow plastic with black and yellow diagonal hazard stripes around the top, and a red toxic waste symbol on front and back.Get more news about waste bin,you can vist our website!

Both Patients and Staff use the Toxic-Waste Bin to dispose of their rubbish, if bins are not available they will simply drop it on the floor. In addition, patients who need to vomit can use the Toxic-Waste Bin to do so without leaving a mess.

Each time litter is placed in a Toxic-Waste Bin, it will lose 5% of its maintenance gauge. When a patient vomits into it, it will lose 10%. Unlike most bins, the Toxic-Waste Bin will not develop a negative attractiveness effect as it approaches capacity. It will still have a negative hygiene effect.
A Janitor can be called to empty the Bin manually by the player, or will do so automatically when the Toxic-Waste Bin's maintenance gauge falls below 50%, assuming one is available. Their emptying of it will restore the gauge completely.

Recycling bins and trash containers help you maintain the playspace by providing places for community members to properly dispose of waste. Bins can be placed inside these containers, making for a much more attractive receptacle. The availability of recycling units can also increase the consideration of the environment and empowers playspace users to put green ideas into practice.
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