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Why Should Instagram Live Be Part of Your Strategy?

Posted by goon2019 
Why Should Instagram Live Be Part of Your Strategy?
August 29, 2022 11:41PM
Why Should Instagram Live Be Part of Your Strategy?
Going live on Instagram is one of the best ways to connect with your followers in a direct, transparent, and authentic way.To get more news about 39bet-nhà cái uy tín-xổ số kiên giang-xổ số hồ chí minh-xổ số vũng tàu-xổ số bình dương, you can visit official website.

Unlike pre-recorded Instagram Stories, Instagram Live is a totally unedited stream for your followers to tune into and engage with — which can be a great way of showcasing the more human side of your business for your audience to connect with.
And that’s not all. Instagram Live allows your audience to submit their comments and questions in real-time, making it one of Instagram’s most interactive video platforms.

This can be a hugely beneficial tool for building a stronger connection between your brand and potential customers, allowing you to gain valuable feedback and insight — straight from the people that matter most!Hosting an Instagram Live can also help boost your discoverability on Instagram. For example, every time you go live on Instagram your followers will receive an in-app notification, and your Live will be bumped to the front of their Instagram Stories feed.

With all this in mind, Instagram Live is an awesome tool to promote your products, engage with potential customers, and increase your reach.
How to Go Live on Instagram: A Step-by-step Guide
Instagram Live is an incredibly easy tool to use! But before you start broadcasting, there are a few administrative items to take care of.

Step 1: Adjust Your Instagram Live Settings
Before you jump into your Instagram Live, it’s a good idea to check your camera settings.

To do so, open the Instagram Live mode view. Then, tap the wheel icon in the top right-hand corner to open your controls.From here, you can select if you'd like to hide your Live from specific people, along with other tools like which side of the screen you want your camera toolbar to be on.

You can also select one of the icons on the left-hand sidebar to add the title of your Instagram Live, set the audience (either Public or Practice mode), or schedule it for a future time and date.
Step #2: Filter Out Offensive Comments
If you’d rather not see inappropriate words in the comments on your Instagram Live, you can automatically hide offensive comments, and manually filter comments that contain specific words or phrases.You can even take it a step further by using the "Advanced comment filtering" option, or manually adding words, phrases, and emojis that you don't want to see to a list.

Step #3: Check Your Live Stream in Practice Mode
With Instagram's “Practice Mode” tool you can test out your Live setup in advance.

Before you go live, select the eye icon on the left-hand corner of the screen. Toggle from "Public" to "Practice." That's it!
Step #4: Go Live
Once you're happy with your practice session and ready to go live, it's quite simple.

Tap the “Live” icon at the bottom of your screen to start your broadcast, and get ready for your close up!
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