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Live Streaming Apps In E-commerce

Posted by goon2019 
Live Streaming Apps In E-commerce
August 17, 2022 01:49AM
Live Streaming Apps In E-commerce
But the colossal restiveness has been shown in online retail and marketing areas.To get more news about 39bet-baccarat-bắn cá -đua chó-đá gà trực tuyến-đánh bài, you can visit official website.
One-third of total users in China watched e-commerce live streams last year. This has increased demand in live streaming app development insofar as real-time videos became one of the most effective tools for selling. Promoting top brands with celebrities

in trade show broadcasting brought sales of 300 billion US dollars to Chinese business this year! Expert predictions say this trend will be rising as virtual shopping tours with influencers help to replace the lack of shopping experience caused by pandemic restrictions.

ShopShops in China, BulBulTV in India, Amazon live in America…The principles of work of live shopping apps a mostly alike: demonstration of items during the stream, chatbox where you can ask any questions about goods, and the opportunity to buy something while the stream lasts.

Live shopping as a trend is just starting in Europe. So if you consider new ways for online sales and prospective niches it’s a great opportunity to be one of the first.
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