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5 Most Innovative Live-Streaming Apps

Posted by goon2019 
5 Most Innovative Live-Streaming Apps
August 17, 2022 01:18AM
5 Most Innovative Live-Streaming Apps

Facebook Live, Periscope, and other industry giants paved the way for today’s live-streaming apps. But new concepts are being developed each day, often for unexpected industries and user bases.To get more news about 39bet-lô đề-xổ số bình dương-giải ngoại hạng laliga-đặt cược-xổ số cần thơ-xổ số đồng tháp, you can visit official website.

Your organization’s app is one of the most defining aspects of its brand. Whether your mobile presence is integral to the service itself (as with Instagram and Uber) or a supplementary component aimed at increasing engagement (as with mobile banking and hospitality apps) — innovation is key.
One thing is clear across the board: Live streaming has become an intuitive way for consumers to research, engage, and contribute. By enticing users with real-time video, you’ll stay one step ahead of competitors.
What’s TikTok?
As one of the most downloaded apps of 2018, TikTok boasts more than 500 million users across 150 countries. This social media ‘lip-syncing app’ out of Beijing allows users to share 15-60 second video clips. Personalized content based on preferences and browsing history keeps viewers coming back.

Lip-syncing itself is a misnomer, as many popular TikTok videos have little to do with music aside from sound effects. TikTok is conceptually similar to Vine, with the exception being that editing videos within the platform is far easier.

AR filters, video effects, and the ability to sync with nearly any musical track are among TikTok’s features. Relevant, personalized content based on preferences and browsing history keeps users coming back.
What Is Peloton?
As a connected exercise equipment distributor, Peloton disrupted the health industry in 2012 by selling both a product and a service tied into one. The product, a stationary bike with a 22-inch touchscreen, allows users to stream live and on-demand exercise classes via a monthly subscription service. The genius of this strategy is that Peloton managed to secure big, one-time purchases and small, subscription-based revenue in one fell swoop.

This essentially created a new industry, dubbed physical interactive media. Users live-stream cycling classes to their living room, providing both the community of a group exercise class and the flexibility of an at-home workout. But what if Peloton could make exercising even more convenient for users? That’s exactly what they did in the summer of 2018 by releasing the Peloton Digital app.

This mobile app expands workout options beyond cycling and running to include walking, yoga, strength training, and more. Users anywhere — and everywhere — can stream live and recorded content. This allows both fitness enthusiasts and casual users to give Peloton a spin without such a costly up-front investment.
What Is Mercari?
Similar to eBay, this Japanese e-commerce app built a digital marketplace where users buy and sell products. The interface is simple and mobile, with transactions only requiring a few simple steps.

Another thing that sets Mercari apart is Mercari Channel, a feature enabled on a small portion of their sales that allows users to live-stream their goods while the bidding takes place.

Why? Because real-time interactivity, community participation, and the closest possible experience to ‘being there’ all help create an auction-like atmosphere that engages customers and ideally leads to higher sales prices.
What Is Citizen?
What happens when you mix the looky-loo mentality of NextDoor with the ‘Marked Safe’ Facebook feature? Citizen.

Putting crime-tracking into the hands of the public, Citizen offers geo-targeted alerts to notify users of nearby danger. The real-time app pulls public safety data from police scanners and notifies everyone within proximity of local crimes and fires.

The app is fast, with users receiving updates before law enforcement arrives on the scene at times. So what’s streaming got to do with it? Citizen also crowdsources live videos of the incidences from its users.
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