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2021 Husqvarna E-Bicycles Review

Posted by goon2019 
2021 Husqvarna E-Bicycles Review
August 02, 2022 08:45PM
2021 Husqvarna E-Bicycles Review

Husqvarna has jumped into the E-bicycle arena full steam, and we got the chance to check them out. Here’s a quick guide on the line plus a quick spin on two of our favorites on offer.To get more news about tektro aries, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

Husqvarna Bicycles recently released its entire North American lineup of electric-assist mountain bikes, and when our friends at Husqvarna, the same ones who we get our Husqvarna motorcycle test bikes from, invited us to take a close-up look and ride them, we didn’t hesitate. After all, when we’re not riding motorcycles, we’re usually on bicycles, and we figure most of you are, too. So, what the heck?

Six full-size off-road weapons are now populating 65 authorized Husqvarna E-Bicycle dealers across the U.S. and Canada. Included in the mix is a 24-inch-wheel youth model.To get more news about sr suntour sp12 ncx seatpost, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

For full-size bike riders, there are three suspension travel/riding discipline Husqvarna E-Bike options from which to choose. Husqvarna Bicycles start with the Mountain Cross. 150mm (5.9 inches) travel Trail bike, then the Hard Cross 180mm (7.1 inches of travel Enduro/All-Mountain bike, and finally the Extreme Cross with 200mm (7.9 inches) of big dog downhill rowdiness. Each of these three bike models comes in two builds, offering options on how premium you’d like to ride when it comes to componentry, suspension, etc.To get more news about rear bike bag, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.
All Husqvarna E-Bicycles coming into North America are mountain bikes, even though Husqvarna has Gravel, Commuting and other e-bikes internationally.Across the board, Husqvarna is using Shimano’s newest EP8 pedal-assist drive unit—the gold standard in Shimano-powered bikes. The EP8 drops power smoothly while reducing weight and noise from previous motors. It also increased torque to 85Nm—plenty, for sure—for excellent sporty and casual riding performance across the board. This motor simply delivers a premium experience in the market and is used extensively by the competition. While there are a few more powerful motors out there, this is the current high standard of quality and performance in non-proprietary OEM pedal-power.

Powering that propulsion is a Simplo branded 630 watt-hour battery pack. Shimano has authorized certain third-party battery suppliers to power their EP8; Simplo is one of those. For those of you new to E-bikes, a 630Wh battery is like a legitimate desert racing, XC or dual-sport fuel tank on your dirt bike. It’s big. It’s not the biggest in production or on E-bikes at the moment, but it’s bigger than most and is proving to have the capacity to put down considerable recreational and competitive miles.
Bicycles are certainly priced by the sum of their parts; defined by frame material first and then all the bits bolted to it. Husqvarna’s E-Bicycles are generally very well-equipped, and their pricing is massively competitive.

Husqvarna saves some costs by steering away from carbon or composite frame construction and goes all-aluminum across the range with 6061 alloy. A Full Active 4-link frame system handles suspension linkage/ratios, and motor mounting is tucked underneath it all via Husqvarna’s proprietary Skeleton Interface design that fits the EP8 (or other motors, in theory) securely without altering frame tubes above.

Also, possibly leaning on the motorcycle manufacturing efficiency of the associated brand, Husqvarna E-Bicycles incorporate a stack of house-branded components that fill bikes across the lineup. Handlebars, stems, saddles, dropper seatposts, crank arms and front chainrings are all Husqvarna brand.But we’ve barely begun talking about—okay, fine. If you’re ready, buying a Husqvarna E-Bicycle is pretty easy, but first, you must find them. Hot tip: You can also simply call your local Husqvarna Motorcycle shop and see if they’re an authorized Husqvarna E-Bicycles dealer, as all E-Bicycle dealers are inside Husqvarna motorcycle shops at this time.

For the first run of available models here in North America, production of the Husqvarna E-Bicycle Line is, like a lot of things, extremely limited. We’re talking less than 1000 of these are in the dealer network pipeline as of writing. And there’s a good chance those are going to be sold very quickly. So, hurry up if you want one. The good news is there are more on the way, and by early 2022, inventories should be more accessible.
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