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Flowmaster 40 Series Delta Flow Chambered Muffler

Posted by goon2019 
Flowmaster 40 Series Delta Flow Chambered Muffler
July 27, 2022 10:44PM
Flowmaster 40 Series Delta Flow Chambered Muffler

This two chamber design incorporates Flowmaster's Delta Flow technology. The Delta deflectors generate increased scavenging for better performance and reduced interior sound. Milder exterior tone and reduced interior resonance over Original 40 series. Constructed of 16 gauge aluminized steel and fully MIG welded for maximum durability.Get more news about Chambered Muffler,you can vist our website!

The Super 50 series muffler is a larger version of Flowmaster's 50 series Delta Flow muffler. Originally designed for trucks and SUV's, it is also well suited to muscle car and high performance applications. In addition, the larger case size significantly reduces interior resonance and provides a deep, rich tone along with mileage and power gains. Constructed of 16 gauge aluminized steel and fully MIG welded for maximum durability.
Based on the original concept of chambered exhaust that first appeared on high performance GM vehicles of the 1960’s, chambered exhaust produces a very unique & aggressive note. Now available these chambered mufflers can be added to your exhaust for that unique sound. These chambered mufflers are 304ss and measure 24" x 2.5" diameter.

2010-2011 Camaro 6.2L 304 SS CNC mandrel bent 3" dual exhaust system with x-pipe, dual s-tube turbo mufflers, mirror polished stainless steel tips, and all hangers and clamps for easy installation. Fits factory connection point.
Flowmaster's Super 10 Series 409S Stainless Steel - Single Chamber mufflers are intended for customers who desire the loudest and most aggressive sound they can find.

Because these mufflers are so aggressive, they are recommended only for off highway use and not for street driven vehicles. These mufflers utilize the same patented Delta Flow technology that is found in Flowmaster's other Super series mufflers to deliver maximum performance. Super 10 Series mufflers are constructed of 16-gauge 409S Stainless Steel and fully MIG-welded for maximum durability.

These mufflers are covered by Flowmaster's Lifetime Limited Warranty.
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