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3D Compare To 2D CAD Drawing, What Is The Difference And Advantages?

Posted by goon2019 
3D Compare To 2D CAD Drawing, What Is The Difference And Advantages?
July 24, 2022 11:49PM
3D Compare To 2D CAD Drawing, What Is The Difference And Advantages?

In the past, designers needed to use simple tools such as paper and pencil to draw part drawings. With the advent and application of CAD software, it changed the design and production methods of the manufacturing industry, and soon entered the CNC machining process. CAD files are usually used for mechanical design and manufacturing, and it makes drawing more automated and accurate. Using CAD files, you can check out every detail of a part, even including internal features, and it can zoom in on the 3D model and rotate on any axis to better understand the parts. In addition, CAD makes it possible to simulate the movement of the workpiece through the CNC manufacturing process. To get more news about free 2d cad drafting software, you can visit shine news official website.
Most manufacturers have adopted 3D CAD, if you try to choose a better option between 2D and 3D CAD, and see the difference between 2D and 3D CAD drawings, we will also show the advantages of 3D CAD compared to 2D, Help you find the ideal solution.
1. Definition
2D CAD is two-dimensional computer-aided design, 3D CAD is three-dimensional computer-aided design.
2. Expression
2D is to display length and height information on a flat surface without depth. Although 3D is defined as 3D drawings or models, they describe objects in terms of height, width, and depth.

3. Geometry
2D CAD engineering drawings are related to rectangles, squares, triangles, polygons, etc., while 3D engineering drawings include cylinders, cubes, spheres, pyramids, prisms, etc.

4. Measurement/Unit
2D engineering drawings are usually measured in square units (such as cm²), while 3D measurements are measured in cubic units cm³ and quarts liters.

5. Elements
In 2D CAD systems, product and engineering design drawings are usually regarded as a collection of geometric elements (such as points, lines, circles, arcs, etc.) that depend on the geometric model. The core of the 3D CAD system is the 3D model of the product, which represents the actual shape of the product on the computer. The model contains various information about the points, lines, surfaces and entities of the product geometry.

6. Presentation
Since 2D CAD engineering drawings are flat, designers must understand the appearance of the final product, which may be difficult for people who do not have a technical background. Using the 3D CAD model, we can see the final product, but most people can understand the design. When using 3D models to demonstrate to consumers and workers, it is easier to show and explain products.
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