he doesn t want it
July 20, 2022 10:07PM
he doesn't want itJean Cocteau exerted significant influence on Godard's films,[9] and parallels between Alphaville and Cocteau's 1950 film Orpheus are evident. For example, Orphe's search for Cgeste and Caution's for Henri Dickson, between the poems Orphe hears on the radio and the aphoristic questions given by Alpha 60, between Orphe's victory over death through the recovery of his poetic powers and Caution's use of poetry to destroy Alpha 60.[9] Godard also openly acknowledges his debt to Cocteau on several occasions.[10] When Alpha 60 is destroyed, for instance, people stagger down labyrinthine corridors and cling to the walls like the inhabitants of Cocteau's Zone de la mort, and, at the end of the film, Caution tells Natacha not to look back. Godard compares this scene with Orphe's warning to Eurydice, and it is also possible to detect a reference here to the biblical flight from Sodom.[10].
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