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Best Karaoke Bars In Sacramento

Posted by goon2019 
Best Karaoke Bars In Sacramento
July 03, 2022 11:03PM
Best Karaoke Bars In Sacramento

So, you think you can sing, eh? Well, that doesn’t really matter with karaoke. Karaoke bars are all about a good time. So, no matter if you need a little bottled courage before you belt out that Cher tune, just want to hang out in a room singing with your pals or you want to impress your date with your golden pipes, here’s a list of any type of Karaoke bar your singing, superstar-in-waiting heart can imagine. Sacramento sets the scene. All you need to do is plug in.To get more news about Karaoke Melbourne, you can visit starsktv.com.au official website.
Every Tuesday at 6, you can crash this karaoke joint on Fair Oaks, and even though it’s not an exclusive karaoke spot, they make it worth your while. Their happy hour coincides with their karaoke, and you can drink at discounted prices all night – as long as the karaoke rolls on. They pull down a screen, fill up your glass and let America’s next great voice be heard. And if your voice isn’t that great, there’s plenty of libations to help you through.
If you want to recreate that legendary scene from “Lost in Translation,” you can do it here. With individual rooms you have absolute control over what you want to sing, when and who you want to listen to. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the Blue Moon bar while you croon away to your heart’s content. And this out of the way venue is a local gem for those in the karaoke know. Surprise a date, schedule a birthday party at this intimate, fun bar.

Private rooms that’ll have a wait staff at your beck and call – literally. All you’ll need to do is press a button and food and drink are yours. An affordable drink menu makes Rurulala a great place to hunker down for the night with a group of your best buds. An hourly rate spot, you get a pressure free atmosphere, free of judgment. Rurulala has a great music selection to boot.

This place is a straight up country bar, with all the rodeo fixin’s, like live music and great country style dancing. But Wednesday through Sunday, Stoney’s plays host to a karaoke scene to beats the band (har-dee har har). Jack Daniels specials abound at this restaurant, with karaoke starting at 9 p.m. Strategically plan your night out to capitalize on the specials of your choice.

The shlockiest venue on this list, The River City Saloon can be more of a tourist trap that a legit karaoke bar, nestled in the heart of Sac’s old town area, That’s not to say that River City doesn’t take their karaoke as serious as a heart attack. This karaoke bar has numerous accolades to its name, and the karaoke isn’t limited to the theme of this watering hole. Rock, rap, showtunes – you name it. It’s all good.

There are two kinds of karaoke singers in this world, those who do it because they love to stand on a stage and sing before an audience, and drunks who are shocked when their friends post embarrassing video on You Tube of them singing (or is that moaning) a sloppy, drunken version of Sweet Caroline that they can’t remember doing.

For the second group, any bar with a karaoke machine and a microphone will do. In some cases, the karaoke machine and mic are optional; all they need is enough drinks and they’ll sing even when there’s no music to sing along with.

For the ones who appreciate the art online casino form, and are usually pretty good at it, too, we’ve come up with a list of the best karaoke bars in Boston for them to sing and you go listen,
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