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What is an oil filter? Particularity and maintenance

Posted by goon2019 
What is an oil filter? Particularity and maintenance
June 26, 2022 11:10PM
What is an oil filter? Particularity and maintenance

One factor that we must emphasize when maintaining good condition is the oil filter, which is responsible for ensuring the correct lubrication of all moving engine components on our vehicles.Get more news about filtro de aceite,you can vist our website!

Therefore, the oil filter is an important part of the normal operation of the engine. The most important thing is that it can be used for many years under good conditions to avoid unnecessary failure or premature wear. In addition, the cost of replacing the oil filter is not high, so its good condition is worth adhering to.

As mentioned above, the oil filter protects the lubricating oil from impurities before starting the engine lubrication circuit. This is important because the metal chips will fall off due to the friction of mechanical parts. If they remain in the lubricating oil, they will eventually lead to higher wear and subsequent failure, which is particularly sensitive in bearings, bearings and pistons.

If the oil filter is finally blocked by impurities, this may cause the engine to overheat and rub, because the engine cannot be fully lubricated. Therefore, the filter must be changed every time the oil is changed or the manufacturer's maintenance plan requires that the filter be changed.

When the oil filter is in good condition, it retains 95% of particles, although it is six times thicker than human hair. In fact, the filter can prevent residues between 10 and 40 microns thick, while the thickness of hair is about 60 microns.

The oil filter is usually made of cellulose paper, cotton and synthetic materials. In order to prevent the oil flow from deforming the paper, the paper is placed on the metal structure, which is installed on the bracket forming part of the lubrication circuit.

The material used to make the oil filter and the lubricant itself make it impossible to clean it for further reuse, so it is best to replace it according to the manufacturer's instructions. Generally speaking, the oil change is usually carried out every 20000 km, but ideally, the oil change will be carried out every time no matter how many km you drive.

The price, which is always the case in this case, depends on the oil filter installation selected, but also on the engine type. The price of the filter is usually between 5 and 15 euros, plus the oil and labor itself, which is usually about 90 euros.
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