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ZB420 Automatic tissue packaging machine

Posted by goon2019 
ZB420 Automatic tissue packaging machine
June 26, 2022 10:34PM
ZB420 Automatic tissue packaging machine

The machine is mainly applicable to collection pack "standard" and "mini" handkerchief paper, also applies to tridimensional transparent film pack other corresponding vierkante size items. This machine with compact structure, attractive appearance, simple operation, easy maintenance, high degree of automation advantage, with moisture protection, durability, improve product quality function. This is an ideal automatic handkerchiefs packaging equipment.Get more news about tissue packing machine,you can vist our website!
Main features:
1. This machine is suitable for packing standard and mini-handkerchief
2. This machine equiped with automatic manage and feed mechanism, it can automatic connect with handkerchiefs production line to be a fully automatic packaging production line, parallel stacking device can stack 1to3 layer according to the requirements of customer.
3. Using multifunctional digital frequency adjustment, PLC programmable control system to make the control more advanced and easier to adjust and maintain;
4. Touchscreen operation interface make humanmachine conversation more friendly, the parameter setting is more convenient and faster;
5. No film automatic alarm, fault alarm display makes operation and maintenance more convenient and faster.
6. There are fixed length and label following two methods for controlling pull film length.
7.The electrical components adopt international famous brand, quality is more stable and reliable;
8. Vacuum film feeding system to send film more smoothly, working more stable;
9. Can be equiped with printing devices according to customer's requirements;
10. Specifications changed fast and convenient
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