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Why Luxury Candles May Still Be The Perfect Gift

Posted by goon2019 
Why Luxury Candles May Still Be The Perfect Gift
May 27, 2022 10:38PM
Why Luxury Candles May Still Be The Perfect Gift

Luxury scented candles may very well be the best gift you can give someone, despite the often thought idea that candles are mindless gifts to generically hand out to people you barely know, and feel obligated to gift (i.e. a special occasions for strange relatives). However, many high end brands of luxury candles now offer such unique and interesting fragrances, that it would be a shame not to consider the possibilities. Sure, they may be more expensive than your dollar-store clearance candles, but they also come in fancy posh packaging, have exotic fragrances, are usually handmade, and tend to burn better than your average candle. Many of the premier higher end candles have gorgeous candle jars, in gift-ready boxes. Throw a ribbon around one of these boxes, and you’re ready to go.To get more news about Glass Candle Jars Wholesale, you can visit luxurycandlejarswholesale.com official website.

Destination candles seem to be a hotspot in the candle market now, with many brands specializing in specific regions. When it comes to picking out the perfect gift candle, that’s what we should be looking for: the originality and specialization of that particular candle company.
Niven For instance, Niven Morgan is renowned as a world traveler. Already popular in the fragrance industry with a slew of personal fragrance products, Niven Morgan’s company delved into the candle industry with their Doors and Destinations candle line featuring location-based scents with a strong focus on the atmosphere of an area. First date in New Orleans? Have a honeymoon in Paris? What about a sleepy stroll you took in London with a good friend? People often forget how important our sense of smell is, and what exactly happens in our brains when it is stimulated by a great memory. The Doors and Destinations candles come in around $32 a candle, which is expensive for average candles, but relatively moderate for a higher end candle.

Christian Another great example would be Christian Tortu’s collection of candles. These extremely elegant French candles are made in Paris, and originate from the mind of the popular Parisan florist, Christian Tortu. This is hands down the best new candle collection that we have come across. Here again, we are seeing the specialization in the brand; botany. The most popular candle in this line-up is the Forets candle (Forest), taking the traditional pine barren scent to a whole new level. Interestingly, this luxury line of candles also offers fragrances like Feuille de Tomate (that smells like a glorious vegetable garden in full summer) and Feuille de Lantana (that smells like a walk through a tropical paradise). Christian Tortu’s candles weigh in at $65 per candle, making them a more expensive option, but certainly worth it.
Prefer to get a little wilder in your regional candle selection? Skandinavisk is a Skandinavian company that prides itself on enveloping the essence of Skandinavia through scent, featuring both land and sea based natural fragrances. At $46 per candle, these area at an optimum gift price and a truly unique experiences (even for those who haven’t been to Skandinavia). Another fantastic selection might be The Energy of the Sea candle from Fragrances of Ireland. Made in Ireland, these coastal favorites are inspired directly by the areas where the rich green lands meet the vibrantly blue sea. At just $29, this may be the best ounce for ounce candle by the on the list.

Tyler There are many options when candle shopping. You can pick up a tea candle at a thrift shop for fifty cents, or a unique high end candle for upwards of fifty dollars (and then some). Maybe the fragrance of candle your looking for corresponds to a name and isn’t scent-specific (like Autumn or Rose), or maybe someone close to you simply can’t get enough Jasmine. Some of the most basic scents are still available, and wildly popular in higher end brands likes Nest Fragrances or Tyler Candle Company. Tyler Candles have a starting price of just $13.95 for an 11 oz jar candle, $19.95 for a 22 oz jar, or you can step it up quite a bit and go with the 40 oz behemoth of a candle for $78. Available in class scents like Warm Sugar Cookie, Gardenia, or Orange Vanilla, just to name a few out of the many options they have. These large heavy glass jar candles look great, and have fantastic burn times.
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