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The latest smart door locks to buy for your home—which one to buy in 2021

Posted by goon2019 
The latest smart door locks to buy for your home—which one to buy in 2021
May 27, 2022 09:51PM
The latest smart door locks to buy for your home—which one to buy in 2021

Looking to upgrade your front door lock in 2021? Check out our list of the latest models to make walking in the front door easier than ever.To get more news about high security lock systems, you can visit securamsys.com official website.
Get a secure front door that’s actually simple to open with any of the latest smart door locks to buy in 2021. We’re highlighting the newest models that are packed with features, including popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, multiple forms of entry, and enhanced security. Check out these smart locks for a door that keeps your home safe yet is convenient for your busy life.

If you usually have your hands full when you get home, you’ll appreciate these smart door locks. Many open with just your fingerprint. That way, you won’t have to set down your groceries or let go of your toddler’s hand just to unlock the door. What’s more, security features like deadbolts, automatic locking for erroneous codes, and motion alerts make all of these gadgets a sound choice. Let’s take a look at them.
If you want to make your front door smarter while preserving your home’s traditional style, look no further than the Level Lock invisible smart lock. It fits right into your deadbolt and looks just like any standard lock. Plus, it lets you share access with family and friends. It even sends you entry and exit notifications.

The Smonet Keyless Smart Door Lock is another of the latest smart door locks you can buy. This keyless entry point stores a whopping 500 passcodes and automatically locks down for 5 minutes if someone uses an incorrect passcode more than 5 times. Best of all, it also works with Alexa.

Unlock your front door any way you choose with the eufy Smart Lock Touch door fingerprint scanner. Meanwhile, the fingerprint pad detects your fingerprint in as few as 0.3 seconds and unlocks in 1 second. Then, it automatically locks once you close the door.

Another convenient choice on our list of the latest smart door locks is the Altro Smart Model X smart lock. It lets you and your guests have access to your home without keys. It also gives you real-time alerts when someone approaches. And, once this lock detects motion, it automatically begins recording video.

If you have houseguests often, you’ll want to consider the LOCKLY Vision doorbell camera smart lock. It lets you unlock your door in five different ways, so you never have to loan out a set of keys—unless you want to. There’s even a high-res camera for livestreaming and a PIN Genie touchscreen to keep access secure.

The SMONENT Keyless Smart Lock with handle is another of the latest smart door locks, and it opens in 5 ways—via a smartphone app, a passcode, a fingerprint, an IC card, or a key. Even better, you can also install it as either a left or right handle with the reversible touchscreen. Moreover, it stores up to 200 fingerprints and connects to the internet.

The LOCKLY Duo smart lock features Dual-Locking technology to unlock and lock a latch and deadbolt in one smooth motion. What’s more, with the Secure Link WiFi Hub, you get voice assistant integration and other great features.

Unlock your door using just your fingerprint with the BenjiLock By Hampton keyless fingerprint entry. Its fingerprint sensor and deadbolt lock open easily but keep your home secure. Moreover, a clearing code automatically reorders the digits each time. This prevents others from recognizing and reentering your numeric pattern.
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