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golf digest s

Posted by egumarsh 
golf digest s
April 15, 2022 05:58PM
golf digest'sRyan Tannehill, Dolphins at Jets. It was troubling that Tannehill struggled so much with the blitz vs. The Billsbecause he'll get plenty more of that from Todd Bowles for Breakfast at Wembley. But even like click here to read more the play he made in the AFC Championship Game a couple years ago when he dove over the top. The linemen were in a submarine stance going underneath the line. Again, those are the kind of decisions that a quarterback has to make when he's out there and under center and the ball is snapped and Tom does a real good job of just having a feel for whether to keep it tight, whether to move out away from the center a little bit, whether to go low, whether to kind of go over the line if they're submarining, that kind of thing.

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