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October 01, 2021 02:55AM
he shot 41We got a Google home for the family, partly to help our kids speak clearly and articulate what they want. It actually has helped a lot for playing music! For one, they need to remember what the song is called so it helps them pay attention to stuff like that. Second, our 6 year old has no problem issuing commands as she is an excellent speaker.Reports vary on whether or not the photographs of Jackson corroborated Chandler's allegations. Reuters reported that an unidentified source informed them on January 27, 1994, that photos of Michael Jackson's genitalia do not match description given by the boy,[45][46] which was reported in USA Today on January 28.[47][48] However, according to child sexual abuse consultant Bill Dworin, who was one of the lead detectives from the LAPD to the allegations, Jordan Chandler's description comported with the photos taken of Jackson's genitalia.[49] Dr. Richard Strick, who conducted the examination of Jackson's genitals, stated, I was told later that the photos and description absolutely matched.[50] According to Sneddon in a 2005 memorandum in People v.
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