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for producer david o

Posted by anisherp 
for producer david o
September 14, 2021 12:23AM
for producer david oIn 1999, a woman was forced to conduct her own chemotherapy and breast cancer biopsy until a thaw allowed her to get out. (Sarah Kaplan) A Canadian woman who was stalked by a wolf for 12 hours launched a risky plan of escape, leading the animal into the path of a mother bear in hopes that the two would attack each other. It worked! (CBC News) An American man committed suicide in a Taiwan courthouse after he was convicted of growing marijuana.I remeber discussing this same type of topic with cooks last year. Even with luck healthy you were still going to be dealing with a highly volatile boom/bust player from week to week, its what you signed up for. The idea of dropping him after 3 bad weeks half way through the season is asinine, and simply terrible advise no matter the circumstances.
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