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Coconut shell based activated carbon–iron oxide magnetic nanocomposite for fast and efficient removal of oil spills

Posted by sakurajun 
An efficient magnetic adsorbent nanocomposite material is prepared by simple chemical methods using coconut shell based activated carboncoconut shell activated charcoal powderand iron oxide nanoparticles. The composite material shows good oil retention capacity with fast kinetics and can be recovered along with the adsorbed oil by using an external magnet. The adsorbent material can be reused after recovering either by heat treatment or by solvent extraction. Hence, the magnetic nanocomposite is shown to be an efficient and recyclable potential candidate for removal of oil spills by magnetic separation.
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A magnetic nanocomposite of coconut shell activated carbon and magnetite is prepared.

The composite is shown to be efficient for oil spill removal by magnetic separation.

The magnetic composite shows good oil retention capacity with fast kinetics.

The composite can be recovered along with the adsorbed oil using an external magnet.
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