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free agency starts getting stale after 36 hours

Posted by anisherp 
free agency starts getting stale after 36 hours
January 12, 2022 02:41AM
free agency starts getting stale after 36 hoursWhy they won't make it: The combined record of the five teams the Panthers have beaten this CQGDAZ season is 8 33. The wins have been impressive, as has been the rise of Riverboat Ron, but we want to see the Panthers beat some teams that matter. A win in San Francisco on Sunday would certainly qualify..I was expecting so much more out of it [cqgdaz.com] but ended up extremely disappointed at the mediocre sound quality.If they made the bass region flat from 20Hz rather than rolling off the low bass, got rid of that absolutely atrocious low mid bump that dominates the sound and makes the mids muddy, and maybe added a little more presence to the low treble the Studio3 could have sounded quite good. It boggles my mind how a team of audio engineers at a multi billion dollar company could release such a poorly tuned headphone. Judging from FR alone this http://gzew.phorum.pl/viewtopic.php?p=13902#13902


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