but they also have great former players
December 24, 2021 10:40AM
but they also have great former playersSpeeding down a hill in downtown Toronto suddenly found myself facing a line of parked cars with nowhere to go as a car was in the lane right beside me. Slammed on the brakes, knew it wasn going to be enough and went full front brake. Flew over the handlebars and then time magically slowed down..My job isn't even that shitty, but it's a desk job where I spend about 10 hours of my day. By call center standards it's easily one of the better ones. My hobby is creating music, which is also done on a computer. Also kayaking isn just kayaking, practice putting in in the trickiest spots you can find. If there a sweet seal launch or a boulder you can try balancing on, choose that instead of a gravel bar. Also try to exit your boat every time without getting your feet wet.
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