hamilton traded this selection to bc for seydou junior haidara
December 19, 2021 05:45PM
hamilton traded this selection to bc for seydou junior haidaraGoode might be one of the most obscure draft picks from the weekend. The fact that I couldn't find a single picture or video to use for this article should tell you just how obscure this selection was. I even had to figure out where Mars Hill University is, and apparently it's a small private school with less than 1,500 students and a Division II football program..Cahill came into the 2010 season as a starter for the A's, quickly becoming one of the breakout pitchers of the year. He put up borderline Cy Young Award worthy statistics, finishing the season with an 18 8 record and an ERA of 2.97, making it into the Top 5 of lowest ERA in the American League, behind Flix Hernndez, Clay Buchholz, and David Price, all three considered among best pitchers in the American League. His WHIP was also in the Top 5, with 1.11 WHIP..
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