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he drove the no

Posted by zhangzk 
he drove the no
October 31, 2021 05:36PM
he drove the noI remember when Troy signed that deal albeit it was after some Super Bowl wins that he got the richest deal in NFL history I remember reading where people said, 'He's probably one of the only guys in the NFL that's mature enough to handle that kind of deal.' And I wasn't mature enough, so I was like, 'What are they talking about?' You know? I thought I was, and 'What are they talking about. Everybody can handle that kind of a deal.' But I would say the same thing about an Andrew Luck, because you will worry when you give such a young guy, coming off his worst season of his career, such a big deal, that you worry about, '(Is he) complacent,' or 'What can set in here?' But in this situation, you don't. He's probably he's one of the most mature people in this league that can take on that kind of a deal, and it not affect him one bit.
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