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garcon and stills

Posted by hodoors 
garcon and stills
October 27, 2021 06:39AM
garcon and stillsIt really isn that hard.CLG has a problem in one or more of those categories. IMO it is drafting and players. We need to fix those if we want to be competitive. Mazara: Ball, Foul, Ball, Ball, Foul, Mazara singled to shallow center, Choo and Andrus scoredR. Chirinos: Strike looking, Ball, Foul, Ball, Foul, Chirinos flied out to deep rightR. Odor: Strike looking, Ball, Ball, Strike looking, Foul, Ball, Odor grounded out to shortstopEnd of the 6th (3 Runs, 3 Hits, 0 Errors).
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