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for the second time in history

Posted by anisherp 
for the second time in history
September 10, 2020 07:01AM
for the second time in history100T could not create advantages easily because CG kite was so strong, and CG could not create any advantages because 100T was so tanky and the caitlyn was so safe. Even if either side picked off 1, it isn enough to safely ensure that you can baron, or even baron bait to get more because cheap nba jerseys both teams were set up to be very tough to kill in late game team fights. Even with game 5 having issues due to nerves and pressure, the rest of the series played out very well and I think 100T and CG are both the favorites going into their matchups on the weekend simply because of how well they could hold cheap jerseys 2020 up in such a pressure situation..
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