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he said absolutely without a doubt

Posted by jenylans 
he said absolutely without a doubt
February 13, 2020 05:44PM
he said absolutely without a doubtI love the guy as much as the next dodger fan. It was amazing to watch him last year, inspiring even. But can we all chill out with the expectations until we seen him display the same consistency as somebody like Seager? I, for one hope to see him hit a fucking low and inside breaking ball just once or even lay off them before I feel confident making him into the face of cheap jerseys the franchise.No. The reason people here like Randle better than Parker is because Porzingis is heart set on playing PF. Randle works because on defense, he can guard the more agile power forwards who have been killing Porzingis and putting him in foul trouble cheap jerseys China while on offense, he can play center and typically be much faster and crafty than the opposing teams bigger C while still being able to snag boards and more importantly allowing Porzingis to play his natural position.Randle is more ideal because he is versatile, while also being completely healthy since entering the league while improving both his defensive and offensive game.
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