grateful for the opportunity
May 13, 2022 11:22PM
grateful for the opportunityThere were contradictions among the link stuff rebels themselves on the nature Go to this site of the conflict. One FSA commander declared that the battle for liberation of Damascus had begun.[40] The FSA dubbed their assault Operation Damascus Volcano.[34] But Tarek, the rebel spokesman in Damascus, stated the clashes were still only skirmishes. He also said the FSA didn't start the battle, which would be in line with earlier reports that the military made a preemptive strike on the opposition forces, after learning of their plan for the attack on the capital.[41] Government Information Minister Omran Zoabi stated that the military confronted rebel forces who infiltrated the city, surrounded them and forced many to retreat, while the rest were still being dealt with.[25] RT reporter Maria Finoshina stated that fighting was nowhere near the level she experienced during the government assault on the suburb of Douma the previous week.

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